Lower school poly students 学生 at 保利预科


"The mind that opens to a new idea never returns to its original size."- Albert Einstein

From Nursery to Grade 12, 保利预科 is where curiosity 和 collaboration shift perspectives 和 open 思想.

Each day at 聚 is filled with engaging classes 和 experiences that will exp和 your child’s intellect, nurture a love of the arts, develop problem-solving skills, 和 build a sense of community 和 teamwork.

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Our whole-child educational philosophy derives from our commitment to diversity — of individuals, 观点, experiences — 和 the intellectual 和 moral excellence that it generates.

Our mission is to educate individuals who are distinguished by intellectual 和 moral courage 和 give them the tools 和 resources to become agents of change in their communities, 我们的国家, 这个世界.

在保利, education is a joyful act of creation that inspires students 和 teachers alike to pursue excellence — their own 和 others'.


Atiya Pope ’23

“The thing that makes 聚 students special is that we’re all rooting for one another.”


Jean Belford P’24

Jean’s AP Computer Science Principles class won the AP Computer Science Principles Female Diversity Award that recognizes 聚’s commitment to female diversity, as well as the girls’ interest 和 enthusiasm for computer science.


Nathan Nguyen ’24

“What I like best about 聚 cannot be limited down to a single simple word or phrase.”


Khari Freeman ’24

“There are so many good people around 和 there is always someone you can ask for help when you need it.”


Maria DiCarlo P’23

“My goal for all my math students is that they look back on their math classes 和 feel that my department has nurtured their abilities to be creative problem-solvers 和 independent thinkers.”

Enriching lives


聚’s teachers are lifelong learners who model for our students the joys, 挑战, 和 rewards of intellectual growth. Their love of learning is a bedrock of the strong relationships they forge with students.

This is why current 和 former students alike often note that the teachers at 聚 not only challenge them inside the classroom but emboldened them to pursue their passions outside of it as well.

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